The Catholic Parishes of Western Grays Harbor

Our Lady of Good Help Parish Hoquiam

Our Lady of Good Help Church Church, Hoquiam WA

Location & Contact Info

  • Our Lady of Good Help Parish
  • 200 L Street
  • Hoquiam, WA 98550
  • Phone: 360-532-8300
  • Email:


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About Our Lady of Good Help Parish

In the late 1800’s Hoquiam was regarded as a mission of Aberdeen and mass was celebrated at a number of private residences. Our Lady of Good Help parish was formally established in 1906, with a small church building on 4th Street. The rectory was constructed in 1907, and in 1911 the present church building was constructed.

In 1920 a parochial school was constructed, followed by a convent in 1924. In 1960 the parish hall/gymnasium was built. In 1971 the school was closed and used as a religious education center until it was demolished and replaced by the parish hall/lounge, which is in use today. In 1990 the church building was renovated.

Parish Council

Bill Gibbons, Chris Doyle, Sidney Dudley, Jamie Graves, Annette Moir, Kim Ruiz, Rusty Ruiz